sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

A message to the haters

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with these people, i really don't. I don't know how they find funny to diss a singer's hard work. And why do they love to make up stories?
"I mean, like whaaat? whaaat? really?"

Yes, since Christina Aguilera's comeback the press is all over her, and most of them are sayin' shitty stuff about our beloved girl. Sayin' her new Album Bionic is a flop, that she's copying Lady Gaga (HAHAHA) and some other random shit.
Anyways, i'm here to say that i feel bad about these poor people, since Twitter was invented, i could see how many fans Xtina has, and i was impressed! I was also impressed about how much love and dedication the fans give to her, and we made a bond that will last forever.

Aguilegend is the best singer i've ever heard, i'm a true fan since 1999, i will love and support her in every decision she makes, her music and talent makes me a happier person, she's owns my soul.
So, please people, do not buy press crap, they wanna sell, and by doing that they diss people, they're heartless.

Let's just support Christina and make Bionic Tour the best tour of 2011!

Xtina fans, write what's on your mind!

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  1. in 2007 i really found out what a real voice is. also in 2007 i became britney bitch's fan, and for some reason that i dont know, i love brit more than christina. i love xtina and madonna the same, i support everything about them. so, xtina is back and if you dont like it, fuck u!